Construction & Construction Management


Construction & Construction Management

  • Pre construction consulting
  • Demolition and Technical Construction
  • Soil Remediation
  • Hazardous Material Abatement
  • Undergound Storage Tank Removal
  • Abovegound Storage Tank Removal
  • Facility Closures

Site Inspections
CTI offers a comprehensive range of construction / project site inspection. This includes various specialized disciplines, methods and techniques ranging from the provision of complete site project teams to single individuals undertaking a specific assignment. CTI maintains a pool of certified specialty inspectors to address most challenging construction needs.

Our specialty inspection capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Structural Steel
Fiber Optics
Traction Power
Pressurized Systems
Fuel Lines
Water Mains
Featured Projects
Los Angeles World Airports
CTI’s team provided estimators, schedulers, cost control and other services on as needed basis, including QA Inspectors engaged in recording major construction activities; Managing onsite audits and performance reviews; Scheduling of multi-discipline construction activities.
Kiewit Pacific Infrastructure Group - I-405 Sepulveda Widening Project
CTI was hired to transport and dispose of approximately 25,000 cubic yards of aerial deposited lead contaminated soil. For this project it was necessary to negotiate disposal fees with disposal site, conduct inspections, provide trucks and project management on site for duration of project. Developed lead compliance plan and health and safety plan. Provided monitoring for employees during excavation activities. Provided lead awareness training for employees working around hazardous materials. 
CTI Installed bird exclusionary devices on bridges and ramps to prevent birds from entering the construction zone during nesting season which would delay the project. We were not allowed to permanently attach anything to the structures, which prevented a unique challenge. CTI was able to accomplish the task utilizing expandable foam and netting.  

Aboveground Storage Tank Removal: Removal of two metal single wall diesel Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST’s). CTI cleaned and removed the tanks from the site. Clearance documentation and a destruction certification were provided. CTI prepared all the required agency documentation, met with agency inspectors and submitted a request for removal of the tanks.

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